We help our students see, and understand, the importance of learning. We encourage students to develop an enthusiasm for acquiring knowledge and to build the skills for developing the initiative and commitment they require for their individual learning journey.
The Leadership Team
Brenda Barnes - Assistant Principal & Junior Syndicate Leader barnes@kelson.school.nz 
Emma Gray - Middle Syndicate Leader  gray@kelson.school.nz
Jane Murray  - Deputy Principal & SENCO murray@kelson.school.nz
Judy Pemberton - Principal principal@kelson.school.nz 
Greg McKay - Senior Syndicate Leader mckay@kelson.school.nz
Tui Hub
Isobel Murray - Classroom Teacher 
Ngaio Class - Year 1 i.murray@kelson.school.nz
Catherine Butler - Classroom Teacher 
Puriri Class - Year 1 butler@kelson.school.nz
Brenda Barnes - Junior Syndicate Leader & Classroom Teacher Pohutukawa Class - New Entrants  barnes@kelson.school.nz
Ruru Hub
Helen Joyce - Classroom Teacher - Totara Class 
Emma Gray - Classroom Teacher - Kauri Class 
Kereru Hub
Kim Smith - Classroom Teacher - Rimu Class- Year 3/4 smith@kelson.school.nz
Catherine Reinders - Classroom Teacher - Kowhai Class -Year 5/6 reinders@kelson.school.nz
Tracey Lowther - Classroom Teacher - Matai Class -  Year3/4 lowther@kelson.school.nz
Christine Price - Classroom Teacher - Matai Class -  Year3/4
Specialist Teachers
Gemma Smith - Reading Recovery
Nikki Bennett - ESOL 

We work together as a team to ensure that:
  • The students are the centre of our teaching practices. 
  • We value student motivation and life experiences. 
  • We are innovative and creative in our responses to our students' needs. 
  • We stimulate, challenge and empower young learners. 
  • We use a variety of teaching approaches and resources which acknowledge the learning needs of the individual student. 
  • We enable students to acquire self-esteem from their achievements and successes. 
  • We foster a positive, caring relationship between teachers, students and parents. 
  • We develop a respect and understanding of all cultures.    
Our Support Staff
Mark Sawyer - Caretaker saywer@kelson.school.nz
Lynda Bourne - Office Manager office@kelson.school.nz
Nicole Wright - Librarian thelibrary@kelson.school.nz
Nicky Harrison - Sports Coordinator office2@kelson.school.nz
Karkariki Hub
Jan Hall - Classroom Teacher Rata Class - ClassYear 1/2 hall@kelson.school.nz
Kinny Liu - Classroom Teacher Manuka Class - Year 1/2 liu@kelson.school.nz
Megan Robinson - Classroom Teacher Rata Class - Year 1/2 robinson@kelson.school.nz
Georgia Fellows - Classroom Teacher Tawa Class - Year 1/2 fellows@kelson.school.nz
Kotare Hub
Vicky Cuthbert - Classroom Release Teacher 
Greg McKay - Senior syndicate leader & Classroom Teacher - Nikau Class - Year 5/6 mckay@kelson.school.nz
Brydie Pye Classroom Teacher - Kawakawa Class - Year 5/6 Pye@kelson.school.nz
Our Learning Assistants
Judi Christensen  - christensen@kelson.school.nz
Sue Roblett  - roblett@kelson.school.nz
Megan Taylor - taylor@kelson.school.nz
Kirsten Ruscoe - ruscoe@kelson.school.nz